3 Ways of keeping your property safe

In order to keep you home safe when you are not around, there are a few things you should consider. There are specific things that help thieves when it comes to breaking and entering and in the rows below we’ll try to identify five of the most important ways of proceeding when leaving your property unattended, not necessarily sorted by importance.


  1. Probably one thing that any wannabe burglar looks out for when staking a target for a future breaking is assessing the hedges of the property. If you want to keep your property safe please avoid having high hedges and scrubs that will assist any intruder in not being detected when trying to enter and when inside your property. Maintain you greenery trimmed in a fashion that it will not block visibility but still be decorative.

  2. Guarddogs are a very effective choice for keeping your property safe as these tamed beasts can keep burglars at a safe distance when you are not at home. Purchase a security dogthat will get the job done and one that thieves will not be able to get passed by, and even though protection dogs are often underestimated they are still one of the most effective way to keep your property safe when no one is around. If you are thinking what is a guard dog going to do when you are away from home for more than a few days then please bear in mind that there are numerous ways of keeping the dog fed and taken care of even when no one is around, by using automatic feeding machines.

  3. If you are not sure about the automatic feeding machines for guard dogs and you are afraid that your security dog will die of hunger then you can rest assured that everything is okay by installing a security camera system. This way you will shoot two bunnies with one shot: first you will be able to make sure that your guard dog is doing just fine by watching live at what the cameras are seeing on your smartphone from anywhere in the world, and the second one will come as the third and final item on our list and that is discourage burglars. A security camera system will most likely put off any potential thief and the footage can be used to identify any problems or individuals easily.

Hopefully the three points above will be of help for you, and the next time you go on a holiday you can rest assured that by applying the advice given above your property will be safe.

Of course that there are also other ways than trained dogs to keep your property safe, but the above are very effective in their results.